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See, share, and celebrate the work your teachers and staff are doing
every day.

Make sure your team feels seen, valued, and connected by celebrating the small wins and building a culture of gratitude all year long. 

HiLight recognition and shoutout feed for teachers and school staff

Bringing out the brightness 

"It's like clockwork- teachers read their recognition, they own it, and they make it a priority going forward because they know others value it."

- Joe C., School Principal

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See and celebrate the small wins - every day

A fast, easy, and meaningful way to lift the voices of everyone in your school and share the effective strategies that are already working across your community.

Teacher Staff Recognition and Shoutout Feed
KidKred Mood Board (50).png
KidKred Mood Board (50).png

Strengthen staff relationships - instantly

Build connectedness and boost morale by creating space for your staff to reflect on the highlights of their day- and who helped make them happen. 

Teacher Appreciation Message
Teacher Appreciation Message

Reinforce school values with your team

Customize your core values so all highlights sent not only bring out the positivity, but bring out the progress your team is making every day towards your mission and vision.

Customize school and district core values
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KidKred Mood Board (50).png
Rewards for teachers and school staff

Make your staff feel valued and appreciated

Show you staff members how much you care by offering meaningful rewards so they can feel celebrated and celebrate their colleagues, too.

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Show your staff they are making a difference - every day

Assets-based data dashboards personalized for each user remind your staff that they are making an impact, even on the hard days, even when it may not feel like it. 

Assets-based, stregnths-based data for teachers and school staff
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Culture and retention data for school and district administrators

Build a more equitable, connected, effective team

Leverage data that current assessments have never been able to capture to get a better pulse on your staff so you can support your staff where it is needed the most. 

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Grow happier, healthier teams that are here to stay

Studies show that an employee who has been recognized is 63% more likely to stay at their job, and peer recognition is 36% more impactful. Making your staff feel seen makes a difference, and we make it easy.



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Drive satisfaction.
Drive retention.

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Instead of only looking outside of your organization to bring in effective strategies, HiLight can help you look inside of your organization to bring out the effective strategies that are already being implemented every day.

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