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Allocating Federal Funds to Pay for Hilight

Schools and districts can allocate multiple Federal Funding Streams to pay for Hilight, including
Title II, TItle IV, and ESSER, as justified below.

Title II-A: Enhancing Educator Quality and Effectiveness

The Title II-A funds, dedicated to improving educator quality and effectiveness, find a natural
alignment with Hilight's mission to elevate teaching and leading in your school or district. Specifically, Hilight meets Title II-A's objectives by:


Supporting Educator Well-Being and Sustainability: Hilight fosters a positive school
climate and culture, crucial for retaining effective educators, thereby improving their
quality and effectiveness.


Promoting Continuous Learning and Improvement: By capturing and sharing
innovative teaching practices, Hilight cultivates an environment of ongoing professional
growth and collaboration among educators.


Empowering Principals and Leaders: Hilight equips school leaders with essential
culture data, enabling efficient support for teachers and staff, thus enhancing their


Enhancing Educator Sense of Purpose: Through recognition and rewards, Hilight
elevates educator satisfaction, a factor pivotal in improving academic achievements.

Title IV-A: Safe and Supportive Schools for All

Title IV-A funding, dedicated to creating safe and supportive learning environments, directly
aligns with Hilight's potential to foster positive school climates. Hilight's impact on Title IV-A
priorities is evident as it:


Enhances School Climate: By promoting appreciation and collaboration, Hilight
contributes to the development of safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environments
for all students.


Cultivates Positive School Culture: Hilight's emphasis on recognition and positive
interactions aligns seamlessly with Title IV-A's aim to create a culture of respect,
belonging, and equity.

ESSER Funds: Responding to the Ongoing Pandemic Challenges

The Emergency and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds provide an avenue
for addressing pandemic-related challenges. Hilight's implementation is justified under ESSER
funding as it:


Supports Educator Well-Being: The pandemic has highlighted the importance of staff
well-being. Hilight's recognition and support mechanisms directly contribute to educator
morale and retention.


Fosters Continuous Learning: Amid disruptions, Hilight's platform offers a channel for
educators to share effective practices and strategies, fostering continuous learning
despite distance and other challenges.

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